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3D Printing for Tomorrows Einsteins

A Mad Scientist Toy Company

Pintstein will print things for you, teach you how to design your custom object and to the best of my abilities, fix your 3D printer. Pintstein exists to make science education toys.

3D Printing for Tomorrows Einsteins

I have no doubt that 3D printing is going to revolutionize the consumer experience.  I hope my company can provide a clear answer to the questions, 'how, when and who is going to profit'.  Children are the most time rich, resource poor members of society. 3D printing is time expensive but it is resource cheap. So I expect children will lead the manufacturing revolution. Pintstein is helping kids get access to 3D printers by providing education and repair services to schools and libraries. 3D printing has the potential to make products customized for each customer and purpose.  Unwanted plastic can be put through a 'wood chipper', melted down, and turned into filament for 3D printing.  People are already producing equipment that can print food, clothing, and even organic tissue.  My company is currently equipped to print a variety of plastic objects of dimensions less than 9.7" X 6.0" X 6.1".  I will be acquiring more equipment when my company becomes profitable.

I purchased several 3D printers in order to prototype educational toys but I am happy to use my printers to bring your ideas to life. Two years ago I knew nothing about 3D printing and I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anyone willing to teach me so now I offer my educational services. I hope Pintstein becomes the convenient technical support that allows more schools and libraries to provide 3D printers to the next generation. I am really excited to see what children create with 3D printers because a lot of shapes that were previously impossible to manufacture are now possible

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3D Printing Technician and Instructor for Schools

The most pervasive organizations that will purchase 3D printers are schools.I think that there is a great potential for me to provide schools with low cost 3D printer maintenance during the planning period of my substitute schedule.   I'm a licensed short-term substitute teacher.   I currently have a contract with the St. Paul and Minneapolis School Districts and I am more than happy to fill out the paperwork to be a substitute in other school districts.  When I was substitute teaching full time, I made more than I do at Boston Scientific but the work lacked a sense of meaning and fulfillment.  However, I bet that there is a way for me to be a substitute teacher, covering 1 week vacations and bringing 3D printing workshops to geometry, engineering, science and art classes all around the twin cities in a fulfilling manner.

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3D printing can be really challenging but pintstein is dedicated to helping you get past roadblocks to your goals

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It might seem strange that a lone Biologist can master 3D printing but there is a wealth of people sharing free knowledge and tools on the internet. I am not mastering 3D printing alone, I have an army of mad scientists, mad engineers, mad lawyers, ect on my side. Okay, maybe they aren't on MY side but we are all allies in the battle against ignorance. What do you need to defeat ignorance? Maybe I could be an ally in your battle.